Crank extractor adapter for Campagnolo Power Torque carbon cranks

Works only along with extractor for alloy P.T. cranks (code: 720249)!

The adapter allows damage-free disassembling of Campagnolo Power Torque carbon cranks. Through laser production technology, the adapter has got exact inner shape, which makes plastic guards to protect the crank from scratches redundant.

The adapter can be used for all Campagnolo P.T. carbon cranks, except Bullet Ultra time trial crank.

Scope of delivery:

- crank extractor adapter for Campagnolo Power Torque carbon cranks


Exchange the spindle in case you own the older crank extractor for alloy cranks. 

With the delivered long spindle you are still able to extract alloy P.T. cranks.

Disassemble the crank bolt with 14mm hexagon wrench (code: 720595), together with spacer.


Put the adapter on the left crank. The tool should slide smoothly. Do not apply force or any additional tool (hammer) to get the adapter on the crank! This will lead to irreparable damage of the carbon crank.

Screw the bearing bolt (delivered with crank extractor 720249) in the P.T. crank axle. 

Put crank extractor 720249 on the adapter.  

Rotate the spindle clockwise and extract the crank.

Take the left crank from the axle and pull the right crank out of the bottom bracket housing.



In case that bottom bracket bearings should be exchanged, as well, we offer special tools to extract (code : 720248) and to press (code: 720263) Campagnolo bearings. To disassemble the crank bolt, use hexagon wrench (code: 720595 for P.T., code 720537 for U.T.).