Cooperation with RA-CO GmbH

statement CONTINENTAL:
"REIMONT® tyre mounting machine for
faster and more gentle handling"


Chainring'r ring bolt pliers

Professional tool for quick and simple exchange of chain rings.
The crank can stay assembled on the frame. On one side there
is a guide for hexagon wrench (diameter 7 mm), on the other
side there is a drive for different bits, depending on the standard
you want tork with.


CYCLUS TOOLS The modular Workshop System

It can be annoying, if you need a particular tool and just in this moment
you can not find it. You lose time and the work will get unprofitable. How
much footway gets lost, when the working place is not set up for optimal
functionality and ergonomics? What can be done to make a workshop
profitable? The modular workshop system from Cyclus Tools® gives
anwers to those questions about space saving, functionality, order system.

Modulare Werkstatteinrichtung