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The workshop has become an important part of the bycicle shop. Maintenance, repair, or assembling of a new bike are the standard services offered to the customers. A wide range of special tools is needed to be able to offer these services. The repair work has to be efficient and the tolls and work place must fulfill the requirements. CYCLUS TOOLS® are developed for the professional workshop and they cope with the highest requirements. The wide product range goes from hydraulic repair stand to highly special tools, such as adjustable head tube reamer with clever technical details. Both professional and hobby mechanics use the innovative and approved tools. CYCLUS TOOLS® are manufactured in Europe using high quality materials with regular quality control.


CYCLUS TOOLS chain wear indicator with scale

Cyclus Tools chain wear indicator allows to determine the appropriate time to change the chain. The degree of wear is indicated on the scale. The measure will be taken on the inner links to ensure exact measure result. Worn out chains need to be changed in a due time, otherwise the durability of the chain rings and pinions will decrease as well.
Art.-Nr.: 720114

Kettenverschleißlehre Anwendung


The new freewheel remover

With the new freewheel remover from Cyclus Tools® you can easily disassemble cassettes and sprockets. Compared to the previous tool, where a chain was integrated, the new tool holds up cassettes or sprockets while they are disassembled and won't move to the side so it is possible to apply considerable pressure on the sprocket. Code: 720078

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